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I humbly attempt to document the extraordinary beauty of creatures whose paths I cross, in hopes of inspiring deep appreciation, and wildlife conservation. As a playful respite from arduous portraiture, I am inspired by my portraits' vibrant colorations to create companion abstracts. 

See my work HERE and at Antiques of South Windermere, Charleston's iconic design showroom at 22 Windermere Blvd.

Original Wildlife Portraiture & Abstracts 

     chinese watercolor & ink

     chinese brush

     watercolor paper

     modern gongbi style

Limited Edition Reproductions

     high resolution photography of original painting

     enhanced photography - original coloration

     archival paper - archival ink

     chinese watercolor embellishment after printing

     signed   dated   numbered

     limited to 100 pieces


     treat as request

     tell me your vision

     my photography presentation

     solidify mutual vision

     solidify parameters

     no deposit

     right of first refusal


For the Trade:

Social Media

     thursday 8 pm


     instagram @christinahewson






Born in 1988, I began life in the countryside near Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge. I was surrounded by the low country's bountiful wildlife and I loved to draw at an early age. It helped that I was homeschooled. I was able to complete my studies and focus on art and music. I began selling oil wildlife portraits in my teens. 

My art career was almost derailed with the lure of a piano scholarship. After a year, I returned to the College of Charleston and earned my studio art degree in 2011. I have been a full time painter ever since. 

I was introduced to INK & brush at the College of Charleston. INK immediately became my passion. Because INK was not the norm in Charleston at the time, I explored other mediums and surfaces. By 2016, I resolved to follow my passion and have made INK and Chinese watercolor my sole medium. 


I love working directly with collectors and designers. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. 


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