I paint wildlife in “Modern Gongbi” style. My inspiration is a certain indefinable quality of light in the eye. I strive to reveal an elusive deep connection with every animal I paint in hopes that others will feel the connection and be inspired to support wildlife conservation. 



Gongbi is a realist painting created with a highly refined technique traced back to Chinese Han Dynasty (200 BC), when royal families placed a high value on portraits and narrative art; a form of story-telling. Gongbi paintings began with a highly detailed draftsman like drawing, usually on xuan paper. Ink was meticulously applied in layers with Chinese brushes.  Gongbi is considered one of the oldest and highest forms of art. 

I added the word "Modern", because I paint with Gongbi technique with two exceptions: I paint on watercolor paper. I paint portraits without surrounding story.



I was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1988. I started painting wildlife as a child and never stopped. It is the only job I've ever known. I started with oil and acrylic. In 2011, at the College of Charleston, I fell in love with "INK and Chinese Brush". Six months later, I attended Charleston's Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. Later that year, I attended Georgia's Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival.  I continued down the same path for the next three years. National exposure of two dog portraits in HGTV's Kiawah Dream Home created a demand for my Modern Gongbi dog portraits.


In 2015, I moved to Boston where I paint wildlife and focus on my online gallery. I have added abstracts to my collections. Abstracts are a playful respite from my detailed wildlife portraits.


Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments. I offer my art three ways: Commissions, Original Paintings, and Products bearing my designs.

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